Basant Panchami : Best Images, Wishes, Quotes and Songs, Essay to share on WhatsApp and Facebook - Basant Panchami (Vasant Panchami) Date, Images, Wishes, WhatsApp Status in Hindi 2019
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Basant Panchami : Best Images, Wishes, Quotes and Songs, Essay to share on WhatsApp and Facebook

Basant Panchami is a religious festival celebrated in India and all over the world. Panchami is considered as a big festival on the calendar of Hindu after "Guru Purnima". Basant Panchami is also known as Vasant Panchami especially in Gujarat. A Good Collection of Happy Basant Panchami in Hindi, Status, Wishes, Quotes and Songs, Wallpaper to Share on Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook.

Basant Panchami : बसंत पंचमी स्टेटस, Images, Hindi Status, Wishes, Quotes, Songs, Wallpaper to Share on Whatsapp and Facebook.

Basant Panchami is a festival of Saraswati Puja. People are also doing Durga Puja in some places.  it's festival Love and Unity, Pray for knowledge, Saraswati Pujan. Wishes are the most important to enjoy any festival. On this festival, large numbers of peoples search the latest collection of Happy Basant Panchami in Hindi 2019 Images, Wishes. If you are searching wishes for sending your friends to the Special Wishes, Vasant Panchami Wishes, So you are in right place. You can select any wishes and send to all friends and Family circles.

Basant Panchami Status, Images in Hindi

वीणा लेकर हाथ में, सरस्वती हो आपके साथ में मिले मां का आशीर्वाद आपको हर दिन, हर वार मुबारक हो वसंत पंचमी का त्योहाक वसंत पंचमी की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं। 

उड़े पतंग आस्मां में सबकी निराली पीली, लाल, हरी, नीली और काली, आओ मिलकर हम सब वसंत मनाएं, द्वार पर अपने रंगीली रंगोली सजाएं।
लो बसंत फिर आई, फूलों पर रंग लायी, बजे जल तरंग मन पर उमंग छायी लो वसंत फिर आई। 

जीवन का यह वसंत खुशियां दें अनंद प्रेम और उत्साह से भर दें जीवन में रंग।
उड़े पतंग आसमान में सबकी निरालीपीली, लाल, हरी, नीली और कालीआओ मिलकर हम सब वसंत मनाएंद्वार पर अपने रंगीली रंगोली सजाएं
बसंत पंचमी की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं 

Basant Panchami Status, Images in English

Let's bid adieu to harsh winters and welcome the yellow warmth of mustard flowers 
I hope that just like the yellowness blooms in the atmosphere 
Light blooms in your life 
Happy Basant Panchami!
As nature is naturally turning bright, it calls for resplendence and celebration! Let’s sing and make merry Let's dance and love ,Happy Basant Panchami!   

Just like the nature is turning into bright shades, may your life turns into happy shades too ,Let's make merry and dance to the beautiful melody of nature  , Happy Basant Panchami!  
Kash aapke jeevan me aaye bahut saara umang aur pyaar Kyunki aaj hai ye pyara tyohar Prarthna hai ke mata Saraswati aaye apke dwaar Aur kare aapki saari kaamnayein sweekar Karte hai hum ye prarthna har bar 

As the beautiful day of Basant Panchami comes, I hope that it brings forth knowledge and wealth for you. May Goddess Saraswati bless your life with success, happiness, love and warmth. I hope that all your wishes come true. Happy Basant Panchami to you and your entire family!  
On this Basant Panchami, I hope your life gets filled with: 
B - Bliss 
A - Awesomeness 
S - Serenity 
A - Affection 
N - Nobility 
T - Tenderness 
P - Peace 
A - Amiability 
N - Novelty 
C - Charity 
H - Honesty 
A - Adventure 
M - Money 
I - Idyllic

The Story of Basant Panchami FestivalAccording to the legend of Vasant Panchami, according to the legend of Vasant Panchami, during the early period of creation, Brahmaji composed the human vagina, but he was not satisfied with his cremation, then he ordered the Vishnu and sprinkled water on the earth with his kamandla. , Which began to vibrate on the earth, and the quadrangular beautiful woman appeared as an amazing power.

In one hand, the harp and the other hand were in the pose. There were books and beads in both hands. When the Goddess made a melodious sound of the harp, then all the creatures in the world received the voice, then Brahmaji called the goddess of speech as Goddess Saraswati.
Saraswati is worshiped with many names, including Bagishwari, Bhagwati, Sharda, Veena Vignani and Vagdevi. Due to the origin of music, it is also the goddess of music. Celebrate the day of Vasant Panchami as their birth anniversary too.

According to the Puranas, Krishna was pleased with Saraswati and gave him a boon that you will also be worshiped on the day of Vasant Panchami. For this reason, on the day of Vasant Panchami in Hinduism, worship of Goddess Saraswati is performed.
As Spring is in the air,
Bright and fresh yellow blossoms everywhere,
Let's celebrate the yellow festival, Basant Panchami
Sending you lots of love and happiness on this auspicious festival
A very happy Basant Panchami...

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  • Basant Panchami : Images, Hindi Status, Wishes, Quotes, Songs, Wallpaper to Share on Whatsapp and Facebook.

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